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Stash Tea

Spec Work

Rebranded and repositioned the Stash brand to be the social tea of choice.

Team Members

Jamie Ikley (XD) | Zach Ackerman (ST) | Kate Harkins (AD)

Justin Zollar (CBM) | Cameron Sharer (CW)


Experience Strategists, Market Research, User research,
3D design, Brand Activation

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The tea industry has seen a lot of growth and is highly competitive.


There is a growing number of people who are forgoing alcohol, but still want a mature drink option.


Stash Started in the 70s embrace the decades' style and make position the brand to be something you want to bring to a party.

It's A Crowded Shelf

With so many options on the shelf, it can be challenging for tea brands to stand out. To effectively reach consumers, they need to expand beyond the tea isle.

Tea Brands Lean Towards Relaxation and Solidarity

Typically, brand motifs in this industry portray tea brands in a serene and solitary fashion. Featuring individuals quietly enjoying tea while immersed in a book or other tranquil activity.


It's worth noting that unlike coffee, soda, and other beverages, there are relatively few tea brands that position themselves as a social experience.

Image by Kira auf der Heide


As more people opt for reduced or zero alcohol consumption, the demand for a social drink that's not laden with the drawbacks of soda is on the rise.

Image by Sigmund
Not Drinking and Social Stigma

Not drinking at a party can still be stigmatized. If you're the only one sipping soda, you might stand out. Bringing a 6-pack of IPA is often seen as a thoughtful gesture.


There is no equivalent of this that doesn't contain alcohol. Your drink options might be limited to water, seltzer, or soda if you choose not to drink, which can feel less mature.

Less People are Drinking

Young adults have been less likely to take up drinking than past generations. There has also been a decrease in the frequency of alcohol consumption.  

28% of U.S. adults between
18-22 in college abstain from consuming alcohol, up from 20% 16 years ago


Stash Started in the 70s embrace the decades' style and make position the brand to be something you want to bring to a party.

Current Branding

Currently, the brand focuses on a serene look. We rebranded it to make it a bit more energetic so it's better suited for social events.

70's Style Rebrand

We wanted to invoke early 70's aesthetic and design as the brand was founded, in their own words by, "...two hippies in Portland".

We also expanded their product line to include cans, to have stronger on-the-go offerings.

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Stash Mocktail Sets

Even if you're not drinking mixing, making and trying new drinks is still fun and something that's made even better with company. Stash already has a large collection of mocktail recipes on their site.

Stash can sell these kits to help stand out on store shelves (and it also functions as a sampler).

Bar Activation

Stash can further establish its unique presence in bars by providing retro-style vending options for non-alcoholic beverages.


This strategy can be particularly effective in bars where non-alcoholic options may be limited.

bar with vending (1).jpg
mobile activation.jpg
Mobile Bar

Stash can make a mobile bar for on-site brand activations. From music festivals to campuses, they can offer No Alcoholic options for partygoers.

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I enjoyed working on this project. I have future plans of expanding this case study to include some dry bar collaborations and additional brand collobaration to further push it's presenece in social settings. 

If you would like to learn more about this project or see my process, I would love to talk. I can be reached at

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