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Hi, I'm Jamie

My love for gaming led me to pursue Experiential design.

My interest started when my parents made the mistake of gifting me a Gameboy Advance. I've been playing ever since and love to dissect game design.


Gaming presents unique challenges, as players need autonomy to have fun, while the environment and interactions must still convey a story.  I use these principles in my work. This was the ultimate intersection for my love of design and storytelling.

Here is a copy of my resume

You can reach me via email:

Connect with me on LinkedIn

P.S Since you are still reading, and in case you’re curious my top game recommendations are:

  1. Portal

  2. Minecraft

  3. Bioshock

  4. Elden Ring

  5. Superhot (VR)

Things I do

3D Design
UI/UX Design
Graphic Design
User Research
User Journey Maps
Market Research


Brands I've worked with

818 Tequila
Axe Body Spray
TwinTail Brews
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