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Little Caesars

Spec Work/Independent Study 

I created a business line that helps keep Little Caesars competitive in a crowded market, by positioning them as the go-to for bulk orders.


Experience Strategists, Interviews, Market Research, User Journey maps, 3D design, UI design

Programs Used

Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma

grunge bground bigger.png


Little Caesars is facing strong competition in its key strengths: Value and Convenience.


There is a lack of easily approachable large-order food options.


Make Little Caesars the leader in bulk ordering for parties of all sizes.

little Caesars pizza Portal.webp
Covid Forged Stronger Competition

Little Caesars thrived by offering the best value and convenience options.

They led the way with BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) with their Pizza Portals. Covid forced all competitors to streamline their BOPIS systems just to survive. Little Caesars now has a marginal lead in convenience with limited delivery options.

Coupled with Prices On The Rise

With inflation families' budgets are tightening.

Other chains have focused more on their value menus. For example, Taco Bell's Party Pack is now a better value than Little Caesars for a family of 6, when you include drinks.


At home, frozen pizza is less expensive than Little Caesars. The frozen pizza aisle has also expanded its selection and quality.

at home pizza.jpg


Many chains have bulk ordering options, but they're not a priority. Catering-specific options have opaque pricing.

Little Caesars could fill both small and large party orders.

Catering is a 10.8 BN Industry & It's Projected to Grow.

Covid Hit Catering Hard

The shutdown of offices and schools during Covid reduced demand for large orders, and catering companies were hit hard.


Now that people are returning to work and school, demand for catering is increasing, offering opportunities for new businesses.

Little Caesars can stand
out with
large orders.

Chains Give Catering the Backseat

Most chains have limited options for large orders. Here are some common issues: 

  • Difficult to find bulk pricing

  • No service post-pickup

  • Lack of quote systems & Limited receipt options

Primary Research

I Interviewed people who would order for a large group on a semi-frequent basis as well as an employee of a catering company to better understand friction points from both the customer and caterer's perspectives. Below are the key takeaways from each Interview.

Key Learnings

Catering Employee

Loading is often the longest friction point for the company

Keeping food accessible during events can be challenging due to group movement

Usually, the same person/contact places orders for different events

Student Body Representative

Order first, compensation later, would order for clubs and University Events

A reimbursment delay once  occurred due to incomplete receipt screenshots

Usually need to search for the appropriate number of pizzas to order

Retail Manager

A strict budget allocated for employee lunches

Payment through petty cash or reimbursement

Could be Audited by Loss Prevention if receipts are not reported correctly


Offer rewards for large orders, simplify reimbursement, create a quote system for companies, and provide products for both small and large gatherings.​

4A Phone Mockup.jpg
Make Large Ordering Easier

The current app focuses on individual-style ordering, so I created some additional ordering options and features to make bulk orders easier.  

1. Push Catering Options
  • Make the catering section easy to locate

  • Allow users to share a form to notify them of dietary restrictions

  • Allow quotes for easier pricing and can be shared with others

2. Make Bulk Ordering Easier
  • Built In pizza Calculator to take the guesswork out of order quantity

  • Make Bulk Pricing tiers easy to find

  • Progress bar to encourage users to utilize pricing tiers

3. Make Reimbursment easy
  • Redesigned order summary screen to make sending receipts easier with PDF export and sharing options

  • Made it easier to view summary & send multiple receipts

  • Offer bill splitting option via Venmo

Party Boxes

Designed for at-home parties. It contains items like plates, napkins, cups, entrees, appetizers, and drinks. Making Little Caesars the one-stop shop for parties.

Brand tie in

Partnership opportunities could include: 

  • The Game Awards watch parties

  • Game Title Launches

  • NBA Final watch Parties

The Pizza Chariot

A  trailer designed for catering events. It’s designed around a 6’x8’ trailer, so the footprint is close to that of a parking space.


Designed to help cater to venues with large crowds, positioning Little Caesars as one of the only chains with full-service catering to large groups.​

catering trailer v2 2.png

Some features include:

  • Hot Boxes that keep pizza warm and make loading and unloading easier

  • Serving station, Fountain drinks, and serving window

  • Unique catering experience helps establish a PR buzz

grunge bground bigger.png


I chose to focus on Little Caesars because I enjoy working on brands that cater to everyone. I think Little Caesars already does a great job at connecting with local communities and by expanding its catering it can become the first choice for casual catering.

If you would like to learn more about this project or see my process, I would love to talk. I can be reached at

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