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Lexus Emerge

Sprint Work

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Team Members

Jamie Ikley (XD) | Jemimah Ekeh (XD) |Andrew Krysinski (CBM) | Emerald Grippa (CBM)

Programs Used

Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator

Research Methods

Interviews, Market Research, Social Media Observation


3D Renders, Interior, Program Extension

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luxury is no longer defined by... its with those who create culture.


There are undertapped art markets that brands have not established a presence.


Create Lexus Emerge to support rising artists and art scenes across the country.

Black Modern Car
Boosting Gen Z Loyalty

Lexus has very strong brand loyalty, their cars are some of the most reliable in the luxury market. Lexus has an established customer base of Baby Boomers, Gen X, but Lexus has room to expand its base with Millennials and Gen Z.


While Gen Z may not be in the market for a luxury vehicle now, Lexus could position itself as an aspirational purchase. Currently, Gen Z leans toward Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes as their luxury vehicle of choice.

Lexus Meets Gen Z's Criteria of Luxury

When we conducted interviews we found that luxury did not equate to a price tag or exclusivity with Gen Z it was the intersection of longevity, craftsmanship, and quality of life.

Lexus meets this definition, but it needed to find an authentic way to introduce itself to this group.

Luxury is
Investment + Ease of Life + Craftsmanship



Of young people say there will be a greater desire to connect with local communities & emerging talent in the future.


Of Gen Z believes that creativity will be the most important skill in the workplace. 
Gen Z Breathes Creativity

Gen Z values creativity and will closely follow the induvial artist. Using tik Tok and other social media it's very easy for them to connect with underground artists and it provides learning opportunities and exposure no matter where you live.

We Talked to Artists

We interviewed several Gen Z artists to see what they valued in regard to creativity.  Most of these artists pushed away from mainstream pieces they valued authenticity and liked going out of their way to find artists who don't all come from the same background.

“Hollywood is currently only doing one thing based in intellectual
property and franchise stuff, but now we're seeing a big
rise of
indie filmmakers coming forward and telling cool stories that big
studios wouldn't touch

“ [I’m] Excited to see more work from other cultures . . . but
having access to global artists inspires me to get out of the
creative boxes that I can put myself in."

The Solution

elevating unnoticed creative people and areas with lexus emerge

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The Pizza Chariot

Introducing the Pizza Chariot, a trailer that is perfect for large-scale catering events. It includes:

  • Hot Boxes that keep pizza warm

  • serving window and station

  • fountain drink station

  • Unique catering experience helps establish a PR buzz

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Pop Up

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Pop Up

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The Creative Current Docuseries

Lexus will hire a local producer to document the artistic journey of Jessie + Katey as they immerse themselves in the creative space and explore the Philadelphia art scene. Capturing blips of the artist’s backstory, inspiration, and process gives creative visionaries a live look into the Lexus workspace and its direct impact on their local community. 

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This project started as a 

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