Cross Stories Gift Sets, is a concept for a product offering by Cross Pens. The gift sets would be offered in collaboration with and would offer highly customizable gift sets. Businesses can help create a highly personalized and memorable set, making it accessible to small and midsized companies.

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Product Overview

Cross Stories Gift sets are a B2B gift set available to order through

Sets would offer custom engraved Cross pens, customizable journals, custom cards, and additional stationery options. 

Starting price is estimated to be $65 making it approachable for small to midsized companies. 


Cross currently offers bulk purchases of custom cross pens and journals. However, this limits the types of companies that are able to purchase these because of the high price point.  

When giving an effective B2B gift customization to the recipient is a critical component in how the recipient views the gift. 

Cross on it's own already offers the following customization options to bulk orders:

  • Pen engraving & custom printing

  • Pantone Color matching

  • Gift wrapping/boxing

  • Custom debossing on leather journals

Cross currently lacks a good UI to submit custom orders, and does not offer many of the customization to smaller orders.

Partnering with MOO
screen shot.tiff is a custom printing website. It is commonly used by small and mid-sized companies. It offers business cards, postcards, and other promotional items. 

Moo already has the capability to offers custom cards, business cards, and custom journals. They offer a wide variety of paper and finishing options for business cards and custom cards.

Moo also has a large custom printed journal selections that start from 1-color paperback printing to hardcover foil journals. This offers flexibility on pricing.

Moo does not currently offer custom printed luxury pens or leather (or luxury journals). Cross would be a nice compliment to their selection. 

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Gap in the Market

Despite the size of the B2B gift-giving market gifting companies often fall into one or two categories:

  1. Custom printed bulk low-value items

  2. Non-custom printed bulk luxury items

Both of these options require bulk purchases, which isn't always ideal and quickly drives up the price. 

Even though the business is purchasing for an individual it is extremely likely that they will make very similar repeat purchases, it's a great opportunity to offer contract rates, and promotional material to them so they continue to make these purchases.

Majority low value marketing promotional material does not offer a customization or templa
Feasibility of the Consumer Market

Cross already has a presence in the consumer market. It is often given as a graduation, wedding, or Christmas gift. Cross could try and expand its presence, but the market for consumer pens is extremely saturated. 

During user tests Cross was not favored when compared to pens under a third of it's price. Many of the non-luxury brands like pentel are now offering luxury options of their most popular lines.

Parker, a luxury brand, and the closest direct competitor to cross is expending a lot of resources to enter the non luxury market of pens. 

Cross would have to make a substantial investment to make headway in this market for a minimal market share.

Behind the Scenes

Research Methods Used

  • User tests

  • Consumer Journey map

  • Interviews & surveys

  • Secondary research

  • Lean Business Model Canvas

  • Market Opportunity Mapping

Programs Used

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Dimensions

  • Blender