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Budweiser has had challenges connecting to a younger audience. This solution recommends, that they focus on expanding into the casual game night setting. By promoting fun messaging via traditional ads and social posts, and creating fun experiences near gaming conventions and conferences Budweiser can start to take root in this market. 

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Brief Overview

Budweiser has an aging customer base, and it struggles to expand into a younger demographic. The market for beer is fiercely competitive, and for this brief Budweiser does not want to change its current formula or add a new product line.

Budweiser is a fantastic social beer, it’s relatively inexpensive and widely available. Budweiser has an opportunity to appeal to the casual gaming market. Friday game night is replacing the Sunday tailgate. 

Budweiser can reach this audience in two ways:

  • Pre-roll ads and social campaign material

  • Location and event-based experiences

    • Limited edition packaging

    • Budweiser collaborative pop-ups in bars


The market for beer is growing with microbreweries and other IPA’s but the demand for a casual beer for a group environment is still strong. 

Bud Light and Miller Lite, have a stronghold on the sports gatherings.  Budweiser can focus on finding a social niche.


A big trend is that Friday game night is replacing the Sunday tailgate. The competitive gaming scene/esports is a potential avenue to pursue, however, it is already a brand-heavy space. It would take more time and resources to make a presence in this space, rather than appealing directly to a more casual market.

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The initial rollout can be social posts and preroll ads to establish an affiliation between Budweiser and casual game nights. It promotes the message “victory made better” to help establish it as the beer for game night. Ads can be targeted towards gaming channels and sponsorships with twitch streamers.


The ads are light-hearted and playful to better align the brand with the casual social game market. 

The Experience

Budweiser can establish a presence at gaming events. This can focus on the surrounding restaurants and bars near the venues. It should be a part of the after-party of the conventions.


When serving at restaurants limited-edition cans and promotional glasses can be used In key area restaurants (like a hotel bar that many of the people attending the venue may be visiting) Budweiser can offer a unique experience.


It can provide arcade machines, DDR, and even VR party games, to help create a lasting impression and fond memories with the brand. Budweiser can make game night a party experience.


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Image by Laura Heimann
Other Oppurtunities

It doesn’t have to just be gaming conventions there is a lot of audience overlap attending things like:

  • Magic tournaments

  • D&D and other tabletop conventions

  • Comicon and other comic conventions

The brand image can change to fit each style of venue it doesn’t have to have the pixel art aesthetic it can be medieval, or comic book inspired.

Behind the Scenes

Research Methods Used​

  • Interviews

  • Market Opportunity Mapping

Programs Used

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • After Effects

  • Blender